Membership in the Professional Builders’ Institute of BC (PBIBC) is open to any person who is a Residential Builder, Renovator, General Contractor or Developer, or who is or has been engaged in the business of building single or multifamily housing or non-residential buildings, or who is or has been engaged in land or community development, and who subscribes to the objectives, principles and policies of the PBIBC and is of good character and business reputation. Corporations shall not be entitled to membership in the Society.


Membership in the PBIBC is a voluntary network of Residential Home Builders, Renovators, General Contractors and Developers in the province of British Columbia working together to raise the bar of professional management for the Residential Homebuilding Industry in BC. In addition to helping to make the lives of residential builders in BC easier when it comes to the anticipated industry changes, membership with the PBIBC offers:

  • Advocates on behalf of Residential construction managment professionals in all relevant forums;
  • Becomes recognized as a centre of excellence in residential construction management;
  • Shapes the future of Residential construction professionalism by conducting appropriate research and offering, to its members, new and innovative responses to the challenges of management/ownership;
  • Establishes a recognizable brand that creates consumer confidence and can be utilized by PBIBC members for a market advantage and increased profitability;
  • Establishes an acknowledged professional standard which generates positive benefits with industry suppliers and consumers;
  • Educates the public on behalf of its builder membership on the value of engaging a PBIBC member to meet their residential building needs;
  • Provides its membership with access to information, programs and services not available to the general builder community which enhance their potential productivity and profitability;
  • Creates opportunities for builders to work cooperatively to solidify and expand each company’s fiscal position while benefiting the industry overall


Bob Deeks – RDC Fine Homes
Abigail Fulton – BCCA
Dean Duperron – Duperron Group
Harminder Dhanowa – Jasmine Construction
Steve Kurrein
Don Nelson
Eric Gerrits – Homescape Building and Design
Gord Englis – Genco
Joe Hart – Icon Homes
Brian Hayashi – NexBuild
Michael Merakian – Blue Ocean Construction Inc
Allen Creuzot – Creuzot Homes and Construction Limited
Gordon Bliss – Investgo Ventures Ltd
Major Garcha – Major Homes Ltd
Marnie Martin – Rise Construction Ltd
Eric Prall – Glacier Creek Contracting Ltd
Koman Chow – Koman Construction Ltd
Darryl Caunt – Mibroc Group
John Quinton – Quinton Construction Ltd
Jim Charters – Whistler Construction Company Inc
Nicholas Hill – Ritchie Contracting & Design Ltd
Lesa Lacey – Lacey Developments Ltd
Jolly Saluja – Jasmine Green Homes Ltd
David Eddy – Belledine Homes Ltd
Harjind Uppal – DDL Homes Ltd
Ralph Belisle – TQ Construction
Cameron Brown – Granville Construction Management Ltd
Amarjeet Ubhi – Grandview Homes Inc
Gurman Dhillon – Modcan Developments
Ron Rapp – Morningstar Homes
Moninder Sharma – Golden Dream Homes Ltd.
Wilf Gorter – Gorter Construction Ltd.